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2 thoughts on “Sign Up for Announcements”

  1. I had several seeds in a sealed zip-lock bag that were accidentally washed with my laundry. The bag does not seem to have opened during the wash. Do you think they are still good to plant?
    Many Thanks, Vman

    1. Hello Vman,

      I’m answering your comment here so you’ll get notice of it, and I will also turn your question into a separate article, so others will be sure to see it.

      We’ve seen this happen with people several times before. From your description, it sounds like your seeds should still be viable. If the bag went through the wash unopened and had no leaks, the seeds shouldn’t have gotten wet.

      Try germinating them to see if they grow. They most likely will if they were viable BEFORE they went through the wash. Even with seeds that have not been through a laundry cycle, you usually find that some will NOT germinate. They may have been too old, or the soil isn’t the correct pH, etc.

      In the future, if your seeds do accidentally get wet in the laundry (or anywhere else) try germinating them right away. We put seeds in a cup of luke warm (not cold or hot) water and set it in a dark place, like inside a cabinet, for 12 hours. After 3-4 hours, we check to see if any seeds are floating. If they are, we gently touch them to make them sink in the water.

      After 12 hours, we drain the water off into a strainer and plant the seeds.

      It’s easy to do overnight. If you get up at 6:00 AM daily, you can put the seeds in a clean coffee cup, half-filled with water at 6:00 PM, check for floaters at 9 PM or 10 PM, before you go to bed. Then drain and plant the seeds within a couple of hours of getting up and you’re good to go.

      WARNING: Don’t soak seeds in cup for more than 16 hours, or you’ll ruin them. 14 hours is okay. 12 hours is ideal.


      Dr. Grow

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