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Topping Problem

Hey! I have a really important question.

So, my girl was topped about a week ago. When I went to cut, I bumped into the side nodes that would eventually form my 2 new tops. This caused the SECOND set of fan leaves on one side to come out missing a fan leaf and a node.

Since I figured that part was going to cause so many issues, I went ahead and topped my 2 new tops(which are about 3 inches tall) right above their first node. I know that’s very wrong but I figured it was going to be much worse to have a plant that grew huge on one side and small on the others. I just need to know if I’m alright!

Thank you much!


Hi Zach,

Great question.

I honestly think you are good with the topping you have done with your plant so far. Granted, you don’t want to cut a node in half because it can cause an air embolism in the plant stem and cause the stem to die back to the main stock.

But if the section of stem that the node was cut has not died back then you are good to go. You can keep on topping and shaping your plant for flowering. It happens to the best of us.

I would love to hear how the plant grows.  Cheers,

Dr. Grow