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Question About Temperature

Hello guys, how are you? My coltivation grow up, but I would like to know something about the temperature in the groow room, my grow room (wardrobe) actually have 28° degrees C. I didn’t know this before.

I’ve just now see the temperature because I bought the thermometer, Is too much for the plants 28 degrees? and The humidity is 37%. Is good or not? thank you so much, I have the fan but I don’t turn on it every time..just when I stay at home and for 4-5 hours not every day. what can I do? Thank you. Have a nice day!

— Francesco in Italy

Hello Francesco,

Glad to hear that your seeds are growing well.

We think 28 degrees C (82.4 degrees F). is just a little too warm.  It should be closer to 24-26 degrees C (75-78 degrees F) for a good grow.  Maybe you could use a fan more often to cool it down? If you plug the fan into a timer, you could set the timer to go on several times per day.

As long as it does not get hotter than 28 degrees, your plants should do ok.

When the grow area gets too hot, the plants can produce much smaller flowers than normal.

Your humidity at 37% is very good.  It should always be lower than 50% humidity to prevent mold problems.


Dr. Grow