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Watering Question

The question of watering, I’m hearing all sorts of conflicting things.

My AutoFlower seedlings are growing about 3/4 inch a day.

I’ve only misted them with a spray bottle so far, so there’s been no full watering since I presoaked the soil.

Do you have any advice on this?

Keep it moist with a mister for 1/2 weeks?

Is there a point in their development when they start waterings every few days or so?

I’m balancing between keeping moist and allowing full drying before administering more water.

— Confused But Hopeful

Hello Confused,

We don’t recommend that you continue misting, especially if you live in a fairly humid climate. Misting too much can result in mold, which will require you to destroy the plants, and could harm your health. Mold is a bad thing!

In addition, as the plant grows, it is setting its roots. That means the roots grow down in the pot to areas that might be dry, because misting will not moisten the deeper soil. If the roots aren’t getting enough moisture, the plants could become stunted and reduce your yield.

We suggest you give your plants a good watering. If you’re growing in a three gallon pot (recommended in our book) give each plant about 4 cups of water. Be sure to water slowly and water close to the plant, rather than the whole pot.

Then wait four to five days and stick your finger into the soil to see if it is moist or dry. If it is moist, give them 2 – 3 cups of water each. If it is dry, give them about 4 cups of water each.

As the plants grow bigger, they will need more than 4 cups of water at each watering. And as they get bigger, their roots will spread out in the pot, so you will need to water the whole pot, not just close to the plant.

In the future, slowly water each plant until you see the first little bit of water coming out in the drainage trays. Stop IMMEDIATELY when you see a little water coming out the bottom. Then the next time you water, give them the same amount of water. If that next time you do not see any water coming out of the drainage trays, give them a little more water, slowly. As soon as you see any water coming out the bottom, stop immediately.

We watered our AutoFlowers every five days, using the methods described above.


Dr. Grow