How Long to Cure?

Hey man,

I’m always impatient about curing my buds, as soon as the first 10-14 days is up I’m digging into the stash, lol.  I’ve heard of people curing up to 60 days.

Any thoughts?



Hello “IHaveHighTimes,”

Good question about the curing.

We did a lot of research before we wrote our Harvesting and Curing Guide. What we found was that after 30 days of curing you don’t have much change in the taste, flavor or burn of the buds.

After a certain amount of curing, the buds can start to break down and lose potency. I would say if someone wanted to, they COULD do a 60 day cure, but I definitely wouldn’t suggest to cure beyond 60 days.

We cure our buds for three weeks.


Dr. Grow