Simple Fertilizer?

I’ve been reading your Growing AutoFlowers book.  You recommend mixing fertilizers from several bottles to get the exact nutrient mix.  Can’t I just use a food for veg and a food for bloom in lieu of buying and mixing from 5 bottles?


Hi David,

You can be flexible about nutrients, but must be careful not to over fertilize.

Yes, in theory you could just buy one bottle of nutrients for veg and one bottle of nutrients for flowering.  Remember, only use 1/4 of the amount recommended on the bottles.

The real trick is knowing when to switch over with your AutoFlower plants.  With regular Indica and Sativa plants, you have to force them into flowering by reducing the amount of light they receive down to 12 hours a day.  When you do this, you are choosing when the plants switch into flowering mode.  Therefore it is easy for you know when to switch fertilizers.

With AutoFlowers however, you never change the amount of light and they start flowering whenever they are ready.  You are not telling them when to flower.  Therefore, you will have to watch your plants closely to see when they are showing signs of beginning to flower.  You can switch over to the flowering nutrients when your classes are starting to show the first signs of flowering.


Dr. Grow